Review: This Book Is Not Rubbish

At this moment in time, I feel like we'd be hard pressed to find someone in society who wasn't aware of the plastic problem, or climate change. And as adults, it's easy for us to find out how to cut down our consumption and make small changes in our lives. But how do children feel about it all?

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Why little changes can make big differences…

Everywhere we look at the moment, there are initiatives encouraging us to change the way we think about, and the way we use, plastic and other wasteful resources. But can our little changes make a difference?

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Wildlife Wednesdays: Whale Sharks

Sadly, this week's Wildlife Wednesday was inspired by yet another piece of scary news on plastic pollution. The BBC reported this week on the reality of the threat to the ocean's giants by marine plastic. Filter feeders, like the whale shark, are at serious risk...

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Thoughts on the 25 year environmental plan…

The 25 year environmental plan was announced by UK Governments yesterday. But is it enough to save our world as we know it?

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10 Facts On The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has always been a concern among environmental groups, but it seems to have become a hot topic recently - and rightly so. The situation is BAD.