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10 Facts On The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has always been a concern among environmental groups, but it seems to have become a hot topic recently - and rightly so. The situation is BAD.

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Paddle Round the Pier 2017

This weekend we went to the world’s biggest free beach and watersports festival – and it was amazing.

Set on Hove Lawns in East Sussex, Paddle Round the Pier is an annual festival run entirely by volunteers.

It gave us not just an amazing day out, but a chance to speak to a number of brands and charities we love...


Saving the planet – one purchase at a time

Did you know that buying a hoody could help save the oceans?

Or that investing in a new hat could not only keep you warm, but also help rehabilitate turtles?

Looking after our planet can really be as simple as making a few clicks online, thanks to companies like Sand Cloud, Devocean and Rapanui...