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Confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone

Have you ever held back because of confidence, nerves or self-consciousness? I certainly have. Confidence & worrying about how others perceive us has always been a big thing for me but surfing has taught me a lot about overcoming my fears...

Surfer on calm water
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‘Undercurrents’ – Exploring the simple joy of surfing

It's almost mid-October, and I'm itching to go surfing. Usually, I'm what's known as a 'fair weather' surfer - the thought of running into the sea during the UK winter isn't usually my idea of fun. But jumping into crystal blue seas, with the sun shining warmly overhead? Perfect.  Yet this year, I'm willing to… Continue reading ‘Undercurrents’ – Exploring the simple joy of surfing

Standing in wetsuits in Newquay
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Why a surf lesson is always a good idea…

It had been an entire year since I last surfed, back in Lanzarote, so on our recent trip to Cornwall, I decided I’d probably need a refresher. I booked a place on a lesson at Escape Surf School in Newquay for the day after we arrived. On the first day though, I decided to hire a board and go it alone...