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Rock Up Movie Night, Brighton

I love outdoor cinema. There's something quite romantic about sitting under the stars, with blankets and a picnic watching a movie (and hoping with all your might that the great British weather doesn't ruin it...) So when Rock Up Movie Night popped up on my radar, it was a no brainer.

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Wildlife Wednesdays: Seal spotlight

They have a reputation for being playful, but are also incredibly shy. Seals can be highly entertaining creatures and the best thing is they're found around coastlines in the UK... I was being really indecisive about what post to write next for Wildlife Wednesdays but after reading through a list of marine wildlife around the… Continue reading Wildlife Wednesdays: Seal spotlight

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Confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone

Have you ever held back because of confidence, nerves or self-consciousness? I certainly have. Confidence & worrying about how others perceive us has always been a big thing for me but surfing has taught me a lot about overcoming my fears...