My name is Steph and I’m a beach-loving 20-something with a passion for the environment, books, travel, well-being and surfing.

The Beach Blonde blog was born out of a desire to write about what I feel passionate about, and to use my experience of journalism and blogging to create a platform where I can promote environmental and conservation campaigns, explore the surf lifestyle, share lessons in well-being, and record my own travels and experiences.

I occasionally write about brands, share book recommendations and review products that I believe in too.

The intention with everything I write is to make you think, feel inspired, reflect – or simply to smile.

If you want to get in touch, give feedback, tell me about a campaign I should write about, an event I should go to, or if you’re a company and want to work with me, please complete the form on my contact page or connect with me on Twitter or Instagram!

Happy reading! x