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Confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone

Have you ever held back because of confidence, nerves or self-consciousness? I certainly have. Confidence & worrying about how others perceive us has always been a big thing for me but surfing has taught me a lot about overcoming my fears...

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Good causes & bad weather : My sponsored night walk for ‘Off the Fence’

This weekend, despite driving winds and rain (and at one point, hail), we took part in a sponsored night walk. We walked just under five miles in total from Hove to Brighton for a charity local to us called Off the Fence...

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Why you can do anything when you put your mind to it…

Last weekend my boyfriend and I were discussing the possibility of going to Switzerland with his family in the summer. The conversation turned to the walks we could take in the mountains when my boyfriend casually remarked, 'that will be easy for Steph, she's walked up Mount Kenya.'
My heart raced. Had I climbed as high as the mountains in Switzerland? Was I soon going to look incredibly stupid?