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Wildlife Wednesdays: Spotlight on ‘Conservationist Krissy’

When it comes to conservation, it seems to me that there are so many amazing individuals out there fighting to make a difference. One such person is Krissy Middleton, known online as 'Conservationist Krissy'. Curious to find out more, and keen to shine a well-deserved spotlight on people making waves in conservation, I interviewed the lovely lady...

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Why the worst thing you can do, is say there’s nothing you can do…

I’ve posted a few times on this blog about conservation and environmental issues. And after almost every single post, there has been a voice in my head which asks, ‘what good is this even doing? What authority do you have to be writing this?’It’s true that I care passionately about the world around me and… Continue reading Why the worst thing you can do, is say there’s nothing you can do…

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Review: Ocean Film Festival, Brighton

The Ocean Film festival was, to put it simply, fantastic. No matter what you love about the ocean, they covered it; from adventure, to conservation, from swimming to surfing, from people to nature....

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10 Facts On The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution has always been a concern among environmental groups, but it seems to have become a hot topic recently - and rightly so. The situation is BAD.


Saving the planet – one purchase at a time

Did you know that buying a hoody could help save the oceans?

Or that investing in a new hat could not only keep you warm, but also help rehabilitate turtles?

Looking after our planet can really be as simple as making a few clicks online, thanks to companies like Sand Cloud, Devocean and Rapanui...