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Wildlife Wednesdays: Seal spotlight

They have a reputation for being playful, but are also incredibly shy. Seals can be highly entertaining creatures and the best thing is they're found around coastlines in the UK... I was being really indecisive about what post to write next for Wildlife Wednesdays but after reading through a list of marine wildlife around the… Continue reading Wildlife Wednesdays: Seal spotlight

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Wildlife Wednesday: Critically Endangered Species

I've written before about endangered species; from marine creatures like the vaquita and sharks to land-lubbing animals like rhinos. But for this week's 'Wildlife Wednesday' post, I wanted to find out more about the species most in danger on our planet - what they are, and what sort of risk they're really facing...

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Companies that are bossing it with sustainability & conservation

Over the last few weeks, I've noticed some impressive campaigns from big brands, acknowledging the need to move towards more sustainable and eco-friendly ways of working. So who is bossing it in this arena?

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Wildlife Wednesdays: Whale Sharks

Sadly, this week's Wildlife Wednesday was inspired by yet another piece of scary news on plastic pollution. The BBC reported this week on the reality of the threat to the ocean's giants by marine plastic. Filter feeders, like the whale shark, are at serious risk...