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The Importance of the Ordinary Person

What does it take to make a difference? Who really has the right to be sharing a message, or putting their voice out there into an already crowded arena?

We all do.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve discovered some really interesting cases where ordinary people, fuelled by a concern or a passion, have changed the world in one small or large way.

I found out that a researcher who specialises on the ecology of bees, only discovered that pesticides were harmful to them because he was urged to investigate the potential effects of the chemicals due to concerned members of the public.

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I found out that a local charity to me, the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust, which is working to maintain and restore habitats on local rivers, was formed by two societies whose members were just passionate individuals. Not scientists or conservationists – ordinary members of the public.

I realised that supermarkets, like Waitrose, are trying to cut down on their plastic due to pressure from customers. Everyday people.

Greta Thunberg is also an incredible individual example. Just one student who decided not to go to school until her government took climate change seriously, she’s inspired a whole generation to take to the streets in protest about climate change. Although she may have an insight into how politics and lobbying works due to her parents, she’s also just a sixteen year old. Not a scientist, conservationist, or politician. She’s an ordinary student.


I took some time away from this blog recently and haven’t been writing as much, partly because of time and a need to focus my energies on other things, but also because I often doubt why I’m writing. Who am I reaching? Why do I have a right to share these messages?

But you know what? If you only ever inspire one person, you’ve still done something good with your time.

I’ve also realised that my skill lies in communicating. Even though there are times when I feel disgusted with humanity, I’m also a people person.

I like listening to people, hearing their stories, and finding new ways of telling those stories. I love reading about stories – fact or fictional – and thinking about what they mean.

So why not use that power and passion for communication to help spread the messages that need to be spread? It’s probably why I started off my career in journalism, and have ended up in PR. It’s helping people be heard. It’s being heard.

I’ve been really lucky recently to meet and reconnect with a network of like-minded people who live fairly close to me. With interests spanning across well-being, the ocean, books, the environment and conservation, I’m really excited to see what the future holds.

And I will be blogging about it.


Feel like you need some inspiration of the power of the everyday person? Check this out: \

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