Why I’ve started a home blog…

I’ll admit it. I’ve started another blog.

It’s just this habit I seem to have – creating extra work for myself…

In all honesty though, I really wasn’t feeling the home content on this site – talking about our home renovations felt jarring alongside some of my other content.

While I’m still working out exactly what this blog is to me, I know for a fact that it’s by no means an online diary. I’m well aware that some of the surfers or environmentalists who follow my posts might not really care about what colour we’ve decided to paint the lounge, or how many walls we’ve now knocked down.

I wanted a site where Luke and I could document our renovation journey together and share our progress with an online community who are obsessed (in a good way!) about home content.

So I’m pleased to share news of our home renovation blog – drumroll please….

For anyone who enjoyed reading our home posts, please go and check out our other content:

Website: http://roofoverourheads.com
Instagram: @a_roof_over_our_heads

In the meantime, I’ll probably still share the odd home inspo post on here but for any detailed posts on renovation (the highs and lows) please check out our other site and let me know what you think!

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