REVIEW: Viper by Bex Hogan

You know a book is good when you lose yourself in it. You can’t wait until the end, but you don’t really want it to end… 

This is exactly how I felt when I read Viper – the first in the ‘Isles of Storm & Sorrow’ trilogy by Bex Hogan.

Following seventeen-year old Marianne, the fantasy adventure is a tale of independence, friendship and fate. Viper is set in a captivating world of extraordinary islands and monster-filled oceans, with myths and legends, and of course, a suitable amount of romance.

Marianne is fated to one day follow in the footsteps of her father, becoming the ‘Viper’, defender of the Twelve Isles.

But the current reigning Viper stands in her way, ruling over the ocean in his warship of assassins and leaving only pain and death in his wake. His past agreement with the King, to protect and serve the islanders, appears to be nothing more than an empty promise now and Marianne faces a dangerous choice – become complicit in his corrupt schemes, or rebel and stand against him.

But as she makes her choice, Marianne will find out much more about herself than she ever imagined…

What follows is a story packed with dark twists and turns, and absolutely brilliant character development.

At times I thought Marianne was a little flawed – she should be stronger, she should be more aware of the potential trials Bronn might have gone through over the course of her years on her father’s ship. But nevertheless, she emerged fierce and determined, and I can’t wait to see how she develops further over the course of the trilogy.

Maybe I loved this book so much because it was primarily set on the high seas. The Viper felt like a legendary Pirate captain and I loved being transported to a world of sailing and plundering.

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The amazing sea monsters created by Bex had me enthralled and horrified simultaneously – not an easy feat. Plus, it was a lot darker in parts than I imagined it would be. The Viper was brilliantly portrayed as a cruel, ruthless villain, but only as you read on further do you realise just how far he would willingly go…

It doesn’t publish until April but I would strongly suggest keeping an eye on this one. If you like a good fantasy story and are after something a little different, pick up Viper and head to the high seas – if you dare…

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