New Year, New Start?

Happy New Year! It’s got to that time again where resolutions are made, trainers are dusted off and wine bottles are left untouched for dry January. And you can bet all of it will now be shared on social media, as everyone draws attention to the new start they’re making.

Now I love a new start. There’s nothing like opening a blank diary ready to fill pages with new commitments and new memories.

It’s like that first-day-back-at-school again – new stationary, new rucksack…Everything fresh.

But it’s got to that point now where it feels like we should be making resolutions. What do I want to improve about myself this year?

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Take a look back at my New Year’s post from last year where I got a little carried away with myself. Needless to say, I didn’t manage to tick all those things off… I’d actually drafted a ‘six month review’ post to monitor my progress halfway through the year but got so annoyed with my failure that I deleted it pretty sharp-ish.

New Year resolutions are great to retain focus and make you feel motivated for the year ahead. They’re great if there’s something you really want to achieve, or need a kick-start to complete the goal you’ve set yourself previously and just never really managed.

But in our world of oversharing, I think there’s now a lot of pressure to tick every box and aspire for that ‘perfect life’.

Which is why I’m not actively making any resolutions this year. Instead, I’m going to focus on what makes me happy – spending quality time with family and friends, reading more books, taking more surf trips, staying healthy and finding happiness in every moment.

Whether I manage to learn another language or not…

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