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Wildlife Wednesdays: One Species

I have some exciting news to share on this week’s Wildlife Wednesday… I’m now an ambassador for the amazing One Species!

One Species are a clothing company fighting extinction. Every collection they produce represents an endangered species and 10% of each sale goes to a specific project working to protect that particular species.

They partner with a number of conservation groups who already work on projects protecting species from manatees to spider monkeys.

Manatees - image from One Species

Their branding is simple and urban – their black and white logo is wearable for both men and women and despite only having a small offering so far, there is something for everyone on their product page.

But what I love most about One Species, is their motivation and their aim:

We’re boldly defying the conventional perception of ‘environmentalist’ as uncool. We’re breaking down the barriers between urban and wild. We’re empowering conservationists and we’re putting a new, fresh face to wildlife conservation.

I love the fact that they’re intent on making ‘cool’ yet conscious clothing – something that’s fashionable but that also makes a difference. And by selecting a different species for each collection, they can dedicate time and attention to the most vulnerable creatures on our planet – one at a time.

This single focus also meant that they can dedicate time learning from each conservation partner they team up with, gaining a full understanding of each species and the risks facing them.

One Species are all about social change too. They work by making real connections – meeting each conservation partner they work with, and sharing updates online regularly for their followers. Members of the One Species team have just returned from British Columbia and Belize, where they were searching for the ‘next species’ to launch a collection on, and they posted photos and updates throughout the trip.

These are real people – people with a passion to do something to help our environment.

Trees in a forest

And in a world where we’re facing our 6th Great Extinction; where the effects of climate change are all too real and where we’ve created so much waste and plastic that we’re at risk of killing our seas, we all need to make more conscious decisions when it comes to our purchases.

One Species allows us to do that. It’s created a community of like-minded individuals from across the globe, while also creating products which allow us to also donate money to conservation projects while also updating our wardrobe. Movements like this encourage us to think consciously about where our money is going, and whether the purchases we make could, not only make us happy, but also spread a little good in the world too.

So what can you expect from me as an ambassador?

Well, I’ll be sharing photos and updates from the One Species team on social media and here on the blog. And I’ll be sharing the love with you all as well thanks to the discount code the team have given me.

So head over to the One Species website, and if you fancy making a purchase, comment below and I’ll send you my discount code for 15% off!

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