Make waves, move mountains…

 I’ve been wanting to write something about female empowerment for a while, and then up popped ROXY on my Instagram feed this morning…

The Australian-founded company (sister to Quiksilver) has launched a global campaign called Make Waves, Move Mountains.

They’ve got the likes of surf champions Steph Gilmore and Lisa Anderson, and snowboarding stars Torah Bright and Robin van Gyn on board, with one hell of an inspiring video to pull you in.

So what’s it all about?

The campaign is designed to empower and inspire women, and harks back to ROXY’s roots as being the first, and only, exclusively female sports brand in the world.

Their very origin is in breaking the status quo – celebrating women breaking into what are still male dominated sports (surfing, snowboarding, skiing, skating) and empowering others to follow suit.

Their video aims to share this message and leave women feeling inspired, confident and ready for any challenge – whether that’s in or outside of sport.

In my opinion, one of the best things about the video is the inclusion of two young stars: 15-year-old X-Games Gold Medalist Kelly Sildaru and 11-year-old skateboarder and surfer Sierra Kerr. I mean, if they are the sign of things to come from the next generation, we are in a good place.

Shop Eat Surf ran a great interview about the campaign with ROXYs Global Director of Marketing, Danielle McKenzie. She said that the campaign has ‘an inclusive message that brings together a larger group of women who can all be celebrated as ROXY Girls.

They’re hoping to reach, not just existing ROXY fans, but also a brand new audience with a simple but highly inspirational mantra…

We are a force. A magnetic force. A force to be reckoned with. We seek the seasons, the south swells and the nuking powder.

We seek the movement and we seek change. We’re progressive. Driven. Impatient. Now. Our inertia propels us forward, and we won’t be stopped.

Whether it’s wind, waves, snow, streets, or stereotypes, we rock our own vibes without trepidation. Our style flows from real. Purists. Originators. Competitors. Champions.

We move united, taking the lead from those girls before us. We are trailblazers, natural beauties and global gypsies grooving through this life under sunburnt skies.

Here’s an invitation to join our trip. To put your heart into it. To draw new lines and to show others that they can do the same.

Make Waves Move Mountains.

To reach as many women as possible, their campaign ticks off social media with a highly shareable video and a targeted campaign; athlete, celebrity and influencer endorsements; press; and events with a dedicated Make Waves Move Mountains tour.


I checked out the tour schedule and my heart sank as I read the first four stops: Australia, Australia, California, California… While this is great for any of you based in these sunny climes, I started feeling worried. Were us Brits to be left out?

But ROXY came through. The next stop (in August) is to be held in Newquay. No dates or details yet so watch this space.

The final stop on the tour is in October in Hosseger, France.


I love what ROXY is doing with this campaign.

Not only is the mantra awesome, and the title ridiculously catchy and empowering in itself, the campaign seeks to open up the world of board sports to even more women. To target those who might need that little nudge; that little confidence boost which tells them they are good enough and they can do it.

Starting off in surfing just a few years ago, I’m the first to admit that I felt intimidated. I’d wanted to learn to surf for years but when it finally came to it, was I going to make a fool of myself?

I was a proper kook – I fell in love with the surf lifestyle; loved VW campervans and O’Neill and Roxy clothes, but every time I walked into a surf shop, I felt like they could tell straight away that I shouldn’t be there. I wasn’t bold and fearless like some of the women on their posters. I was self-conscious and I’d never even held a surfboard.

Everyone looked so damn cool, and I felt intimidated.

The truth is, I shouldn’t have worried.

Now I’ve been surfing a few times (and seem to plan every future holiday around whether there’s water for SUP or surfing) I can see that no one would have been judging me. Everyone starts somewhere and this community, for the most part, is a welcoming one.

Standing in wetsuits in Newquay

But if I’d had a brand like ROXY inviting me into their tribe; where women are a ‘force to be reckoned with’, where they can ‘make waves, move mountains’, I probably would have felt just a little bit more confident.

So if you’re thinking the same as I was back then, stop for a second and re-read the mantra above.

Read it and picture yourself as all those things.

Remember that we never look cool to ourselves. We are our harshest critics and often our own obstacles too.

This is the point of ROXY’s campaign. To put forward a state of mind; to encourage us to feel the way the ROXY girls do.

Hopefully, you’ll feel as inspired by this campaign as I do. Because we can do anything we put our minds to.

And we should never feel afraid to try.

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