Treasures from Tegen Jewellery

Tegen Jewellery Unboxing

I’ve written before about why I love jewellery inspired by the beach. From my wave ring, to sea glass earrings, to the pebble necklace my boyfriend made me; they’re simple, stylish & make me feel like I’ve got a little bit of what I love with me at all times.

I discovered Tegen Jewellery  earlier on this year. Tegen creates incredibly stylish, beach inspired jewellery – and every single piece is handmade.

Based in Cornwall, the focus is on bespoke bohemian style jewellery or customised individual designs, which means you can input a level of creativity when it comes to your item.

I’ve admired these pieces from afar for much of this year, but recently I was lucky enough to be sent a specially designed anklet of my own.

Tegen Jewellery Unboxing

Each item arrives in a beautifully branded white jewellery box, packaged with care.
On opening, I found a delicate silver chain holding a small pink amethyst gem and a dainty seahorse charm. Indicative of a new style coming to Tegen Jewellery next year, it’s the perfect anklet for summer days.

Anklet modelled on ankle

Light and wearable, it almost seems a shame to keep anklets like this for summer alone.

But that’s the beauty of investing in a nice, well made and substantial anklet.

Great on its own, or layered with another, this beautiful bohemian anklet is light and stylish and you won’t want to take it off.

Tegen Jewellery Anklet on Driftwood

Check out the other items on the Tegen Jewellery website here and prepare to part with your well-earned cash!

* Thank you to Tegen Jewellery for sending me this beautiful anklet for review. *

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