Happy November!

Yesterday marked the start of a whole new month and as I have some exciting things planned in November, I thought it deserved a blog post to keep you all updated…

  1. We are finally moving in!
    Yep, that place we bought months ago? We’ve gutted it, installed new heating and plumbing, knocked down one wall and plastered the others, installed a kitchen and bathroom, decorated and now, finally, we’re at the stage where we can move in. I’m so excited for this next step but sad in a way too – I moved back home after university and this will be me flying the nest for good…Check out my blog post from when we first bought the flat to find out more about our seaside home!The view from our flat
  2. Launching ‘Wildlife Wednesdays’ on the blog.
    Anyone who has read a few posts on The Beach Blonde knows that I write across a variety of topics covering surfing, beach lifestyle, well-being, travel and conservation. Well, I’ve decided to dedicate a day to posts about conservation and the natural world, so every Wednesday (or every other, depending on my schedule) I’ll be focusing on an endangered species, an ecosystem, a charity, a campaign or a person in relation to this. I’m already excited about the first one next week – featuring Conservationist Krissy, a wonderful blogger and conservationist who is using online platforms to show how we can protect the world around us and live waste-free. Conservationist Krissy
  3. National Novel Writing Month.
    This is an official thing, where participants agree to write 50,000 words in the 30 days of November in an effort to finish a novel. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I have always loved writing but I tend to keep my work under wraps. Over the last year, I’ve started two fiction novels but only a few people know that I’d love to write a book one day (it becomes a bit of a cliché in publishing).  This seems like the perfect motivation to get my pen working though. I’ve recently failed to get much further than the first few chapters, but not anymore. I’ve decided that this year I will take part in #nanowrimo and by announcing it on here, I’ve made a public commitment to it so I CANNOT let myself down. At the end of the month, I’ll let you know how I got on.
  4. Reading The Shark Club by Anne Kidd Taylor 
    The Shark Club is about a girl called Maeve Donnelly who is bitten by a blacktip shark on a beach in Florida. Eighteen years later, she has thrown herself into her work as a marine biologist, discovering more about the minds of misunderstood sharks. But when she returns home to the place where she was raised by her grandmother, she finds more than just the blood orange sunsets and key lime pies she’s missed waiting for her. While she’s fearless in water, Maeve is indecisive on land and a chance meeting with a little girl who is just as fascinated by the ocean as Maeve was growing up leaves her at a crossroads. Does she rekindle the romance she left behind when she dove into her work, or does she indulge in a new one with colleague Nicholas, who turns up in her hometown to investigate an illegal shark-finning operation?

    The Shark Club
    Romance and sharks – I thought it could be interesting! I’ve been given a review copy on NetGalley so I’ll have a read and report back. Hopefully it goes some way to dispelling the myths about sharks – but with a bit of feel-good romance too.
    (And now I can finally get that ‘Books’ category going on the menu bar…).5. A Cornwall surf?
    We are still umming and ahhing about a winter surf in Newquay but we both are desperate to get in to the ocean so in all likelihood, we’ll probably do it… EEK!


Getting ready to surf on the beach in Newquay, Cornwall

So come back to see my progress on all the above and don’t miss the first Wildlife Wednesdays next week! To keep updated on new posts, do check out the follow links on the side or just say hi on Twitter @steph_allen_ or Instagram @beachblondeblog.



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