A beachside place of our own…

So, we bought a flat.

This explains why I haven’t done a post for a little while – I’ve been a tiny bit busy trying to ‘adult’.

It’s taken a lot of time saving and scrimping, but we finally have keys to our own place! The flat is a total fixer upper so we’re not living there yet, but it gives us a chance to completely make our mark on the place. And there’s something pretty special about our first step on the property ladder too…

The flat has two balconies and both have a beautiful outlook.

From the north balcony (the poky one), we overlook the River Adur and a modern footbridge (which lights up at night) connecting us to the main town. On the other side of the river, sailing boats are moored by the bank and if you raise your eyes above the horizon, you can see the glorious South Downs.

Switch sides and from the south balcony…we can see the sea!!

Our block of flats is on the road that leads to the coast, so if we walk for about 1-2 minutes we’re on the beach. And when the kite surfers are out, back in our flat, we can see the kites appearing either side of the building opposite. There are two little corridors of vision where, on a sunny day, you can see the sea sparkling. It’s amazing.

I never thought I’d own a place with sea-views (even if they are partial) in my 20’s, let alone as a first buy.

On the second night of owning the place, we decided to stay over. We took an airbed, brought fish and chips, and set ourselves up in the lightest (and cleanest) room – the one with the beach-view balcony.

Just before going to sleep, we decided we needed a bit of fresh air. We opened the balcony doors and all we could hear was the waves breaking on the shore. It took all my effort not to leave the door open all night.

What’s more, I think I’ve fallen in love with the town too. It has a real beach feel – from the ‘Beach Bakery’ opposite which only has outdoor seating, to the SUP and kite-surfing shop down the road. Across the bridge, there’s a real community feel with sailing boats moored by the river bank, a pedestrianised centre filled with quirky coffee shops, open front restaurants where seating spills onto the walkways, and a beautiful old church.

So right now, I’m feeling pretty lucky and very grateful. Once we’ve moved in, my commute will be slightly shorter without making me leave the coast.

The only problem with buying a flat so close to the beach?

Once we’ve finished doing it up, and decide to move on, the chances of being so close to the waves in our next property is very slim…

So, time to make the most of every moment!

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