REVIEW: Surf Girl Magazine

 Every now and again, we all need a bit of sunshine… 

It’s been a long week, you’ve had bad news, politicians are doing crazy things, you’ve been city-bound, or stuck with grey, rainy days – whatever the cause, a pick-me-up is always appreciated.

Which is why I’ve decided to dedicate this blog post to a review of a magazine which never fails to do just that…


Surf Girl is a quarterly surf and lifestyle magazine which includes features, reviews, healthy recipes, fitness guides, inspiring quotes and stunning photography for beach lovers everywhere. Yes, it’s primarily aimed at surfers but even if, like me, you’re not a regular surfer or you’re just a beginner, or even if you prefer another water-sport like SUP, it’s still well worth the read.

Here’s why.

Surf Girl Mag is, admittedly, pretty gender bias but that doesn’t mean the content isn’t of interest to guys. In fact, I’ve caught my boyfriend reading it before and finding it pretty interesting. Personally, I think that’s because it’s a magazine which celebrates females rather than excludes males.

I use the word ‘celebrate’ totally intentionally because the mood of the magazine is overwhelmingly positive.

Yes, it sometimes includes features which have a bleak background – the impact of rubbish on our coastlines (which I covered on the Beachside Blogger recently) or women who have overcome hardships. But the feature always progresses to deliver a positive message, or a call to action so readers can help and feel inspired to make a change.

For example,  when Surf Girl covered the issue of beach litter, they went on to explore the various campaigns that exist to tackle the problem.

When covering real life stories, they tend to explain how those females have turned their lives around and are, in some cases, helping others in similar positions that they once were.

They also write about women who have taken part in amazing journeys, women who have encouraged their local community to open up a male dominated sport to females, and women who are constantly pushing the boundaries or finding ways to find calm and happiness in our otherwise hectic lifestyles.

This positivity continues visually, because in every issue there’s stunning beach photography with an inspirational quote layered on top. With every issue, I have to resist pulling pages out and sticking them somewhere.

Life's an adventure

And if you want even more positivity, or to bring some beach feels into your home or your wardrobe, they also have an amazing shop.

Surf Girl is a little bit of sunshine, and a little bit of motivation all rolled into one. 

In a world where there’s always bleak stories on the news (this week has been particularly difficult!!) where finding the right work-life balance is getting increasingly harder, and where anxiety and depression are creeping into the lives of those as young as 10 years old, what could be better than a magazine that celebrates positive thinking, positive role models and aims to bring a boost to the lives of females out there.

The final thing that I love about Surf Girl is that, in my area, it’s incredibly hard to find in shops which means that when I do spot it, I feel like I’ve already overcome a challenge!!

True, that challenge has been somewhat diminished since I was given a Surf Girl magazine subscription at Christmas…

Roll on March and the next issue!

Surf Girl magazine can be bought online or at some newsagents, RRP £4.50.

This review was written of my own accord using magazines I bought. 

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